FastBound Announces New Partnership with 4473 Cloud - Firearms Compliance Software - FastBound (2024)

  • Jamison
  • July 13, 2021

Folsom, CA– FastBound is excited to announce a new partnership with4473 Cloud.

4473 Cloud is the firearms industry-leading, ATF-approved digital storage solution. Their mission is to make digitally stored 4473s available to all FFLs with an approved variance. Whether you’re an independent shop or a nationwide chain, they have the plan for you. With flexible storage options based on FFL volume, 4473 Cloud is scalable to grow as your FFL business grows.

“We’re excited to be partnering with FastBound to provide the most efficient 4473 storage solutions,” said Travis Glover. “Together, FastBound and 4473 Cloud services bring FFLs the benefit of a fully digital ATF-approved compliance solution.”

“Since 2010, FastBound has managed almost a billion firearms transactions with its leading Electronic A&D and Electronic 4473 for thousands of FFLs,” said Jamison Collins. “With the integration to 4473 Cloud, we will be able to provide our customers the ability to digitally store the 4473 with approved variance and a more efficient compliant process.”

Silencer Shop, who is best known for streamlining the NFA paperwork completion and submission process for dealers and customers alike, developed 4473 Cloud to add to their suite of services. Dave Matheny, CEO, and Travis Glover, VP of sales and business development, have more than 40 years of combined experience in the firearms industry. Both Matheny and Glover are dedicated to providing the most innovative, secure, and user-friendly digital storage solutions nationwide.

Some of 4473 Cloud’s convenient features include full digital onboarding and tamper evident tracking of changes to any 4473s, which provides the most secure format available on the market for digital storage. 4473 Cloud also provides the ability to complete ATF trace requests in a matter of seconds. Users are able to quickly access any uploaded 4473 by using the name, address, TSN, or serial number search fields.

Included in 4473 Cloud’s services are inherent money and space savings. For example, a dealer completing 5,000 Form 4473s per year will save up to $780.00 on printing costs, storage solutions, and protection of their paperwork which, as required by law, must be kept for up to 20 years. FFLs will also benefit from their operational space being freed up from this digital storage solution.

With 4473 Cloud, FFLs save time, space, and money all while increasing their compliance, security, and efficiency.

Find the perfect plan for your business with4473 Cloud. Get started with a free plan today. There are no setup fees, no contracts, and no penalties for cancellation.

FastBound Announces New Partnership with 4473 Cloud - Firearms Compliance Software - FastBound (1) Article reviewed 07/13/2021

Jamison Collins

Vice President of Sales & Business Development at FastBound

About the Reviewer:

Jamison Collins boasts decades of diverse business leadership experience. Navigating various sectors, he’s carved a significant mark in the firearms industry. Renowned for driving growth and spearheading innovation, Jamison combines a deep understanding of strategic planning with hands-on market dynamics. His commitment to excellence and adaptability makes him a sought-after voice and a trusted figure in firearm industry leadership, consistently pushing boundaries and setting new standards.


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FastBound Announces New Partnership with 4473 Cloud - Firearms Compliance Software - FastBound (2024)
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