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Form 4473 is a firearms transaction record that is six pages long and is issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. It functions in the United States as a way to authorize, check, and allow the transfer of firearms from a licensed dealer to a buyer when the seller has a Federal Firearms License (FFL), and the buyer is not prohibited from owning a firearm.

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What is Form 4473?

Form 4473 ensures that the transferee has properly verified the buyer’s identity and performed a background check.

Straw purchase of firearms: Occurs when the buyer undergoes a federal background check and buys the gun for someone who cannot pass the background check, also called an unlawful user. That process violates federal law, and law enforcement will get involved.

Why it’s Important to Fill Out 4473 Correctly

The FFL functions under the guidelines of the federal government, which can deny the transfer of a firearm for reasonable cause. If the Firearms Transaction Record is not properly filled out, the Federal Firearms Licensee could deny the transfer.

This federal form contains data such as:

  • Buyer’s name, personal information, & residence address
  • Buyer’s criminal background number
  • Gun serial number
  • Information about the firearm dealer (FFL license number)

Prohibited person: someone who does not pass the federal background check and may have arrest records that contain:

  • Felony convictions & criminal history
  • Arrests for controlled substances, narcotic drug convictions, or illegal drug dealings
  • History of mental health illness
  • Criminal investigation not yet settled

If the form is not filled out correctly and false statements are made, a new form will be started for all private individuals. A federally licensed firearms dealer will be familiar with NICS or state law background check procedures, and the rules required for firearm purchases. Even a licensed importer of guns must follow the rules under the ATF.

The Benefits of FastBound’s Solutions

FastBound’s Electronic 4473 transforms any device into a compliant 4473 with digital signature support without transaction fees or special hardware requirements. The system is full of legal tips and advice and backed by lawyers who specialize in firearm regulations. The platform helps the gun dealer remain compliant and grow their business through easy access to forms and electronic submission of those forms.

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As ATF Form 4473 evolves, FastBound ensures you’re using the updated, revised form. Not only does FastBound have the most compliant Electronic 4473 available, but we also work closely with the FFL attorneys at FFLGuard to monitor for upcoming changes to ATF Forms proactively. FastBound is widely accepted as an accurate document creation platform and storage system within the firearms industry.

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FastBound’s Electronic Form 4473 Process

Are you squinting and guessing what a customer wrote on their 4473? Or you’re considering hiring someone to do data entry to take it off your plate but still keep up with the demand. We have a system for ATF-licensed FFL dealers that will save time and money and meet all the ATF regulations.

FastBound makes it easy to fill out, submit, and store form 4473. It also makes it easier for firearm owners to sell guns to Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs). We even offer a Spanish version of Form 4473, enhancing accessibility and user experience for non-English-speaking buyers.

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Steps to Completion

Our compliant Electronic 4473 works like this:

  1. You add firearm(s)
  2. Buyers complete and electronically sign their 4473 on any device
  3. Seller performs a background check and completes their sections – which can include an interstate identification index check. The form contains a transaction number that keeps sales and additional information separate.
  4. On to the next sale

You will save time on sales and follow-ups for customers who filled out the form incorrectly or are prohibited users. We have the most compliant and user-friendly electronic 4473 on the market that will also save your eyes from the strain of trying to decipher illegible handwriting.

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Preventing Violations

In 2018, according to the ATF, five of the ten most frequently cited violations were related to failures that FastBound is designed to check for and help prevent, including:

  • Transferee didn’t properly complete Section A, Form 4473 – 27 CFR 124(c)(1)
  • Licensee didn’t record on Form 4473 the date on which NICS was contacted – 27 CFR478.124 (c)(3)(iv)
  • Licensee didn’t sign and date Form 4473 – 27 CFR 478.124 (c)(5)
  • Licensee failed to obtain and/or document purchaser’s identification document – 27 CFR 478.124(c)(3)(i)
  • Licensee failed to properly identify the firearm on Form 4473 – 27 CFR 124(c)(4)

Electronic 4473 Digital Storage Now Available, No Variance Required!

4473 Cloud is FastBound’s preferred partner for the industry’s leading, ATF-approved, digital storage of electronic 4473s.

Visit the ATF site for more information on the 4473 process.

4473 Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Fill Out a 4473 at Home?

No, form 4473 must be filled out at the FFL premise or other designated location, such as a gun show. There are some exceptions, but unless the FFL has an approved variance to conduct certain types of business in this manner, form 4473 must be filled out at the FFL premise or other designated location. FastBound’s FFL software allows you to turn any smartphone, tablet, or computer into a compliant 4473 with no transaction fees or special hardware requirements.

Can You Fill Out Form 4473 Online?

There are a few options for filling out Form 4473 including paper, and the eForm 4473 app from the ATF. Because many of the most commonly cited violations are related to failure to correctly fill out Form 4473, neither of these solutions are integrated with an A&D solution and expose you to risk you don’t need to take. With FastBound, your Form 4473s and A&D records are inseparably linked and you can turn your computer, tablet, or smartphone into a compliant 4473 for customers wherever you do business. Our software will even fill repeated fields, reducing errors, saving you time and effort.

Can I Get a Copy of My 4473?

There is no law that requires an FFL to provide you with a copy of the 4473 and there is no law that says you can’t have a copy of the 4473. Most FFLs will gladly provide you with a copy of the form. With most people carrying a high quality camera around in their pocket in the form of a smartphone, it’s easy enough to snap a photo of the form if needed.

How Long Does the ATF Keep Form 4473?

Form 4473 is never sent to the ATF.

How Long Must Form 4473 Be Kept?

Licensees are required to keep each 4473 Form indefinitely. If a transfer is not actually carried out, but a NICS background check is performed, the FFL holder must hold on to that Form 4473.

How Long Does a 4473 Take?

Form 4473 is six pages long (seven pages, starting in 2023) pages long, so it can take some time to fill out completely, especially since you need to be extra careful not to make a mistake.FastBound’s bound book software will expedite the process and check for common mistakes, saving you time and potential trouble should you accidentally make an error.

What Happens if You Lie on a 4473?

Lying on Form 4473 is a felony crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

When Did Form 4473 Start?

Form 4473 was introduced along with the Gun Control Act of 1968. The form has undergone several revisions since then. Themost recent revision of Form 4473 was in December of 2022and is mandatory for use in April of 2023..

Who Fills Out ATF 4473 Form?

ATF Form 4473 is filled out by the FFL holder (transferor) at the beginning of a firearm transfer, then the buyer (transferee), and then completed by the FFL holder (transferor)

ATF Form 4473 | FFL Bound Book Software (2024)
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